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This is not the IoT you are looking for

Nowadays the Internet of Things is all the rage. Connected devices are popping up everywhere and tech people are feeling that something big is coming. Something as big as the internet itself. But is it really? The term “Internet of Things” implies that we have something very similar to the internet we know, but with devices talking to each other and sometimes to us. But what is currently created is far away from being just like “our” internet.

Thu Mar 12, 2015 IoT

First Steps with Contiki OS: Why Contiki OS?

What is Contiki OS and why would you probably care? First Steps with Contiki OS: Why Contiki OS? Sometime ago I build an actor to replace my dumb Junkers room thermostat with something even dumber, but controllable so my smart home system can device how much should be generated. Long story, I created a prototype based on an Arduino and the prototyping shield and hooked it up via USB and it worked fine.

Wed Mar 11, 2015 IoT